Saturday, September 24, 2011

But What About Insurance?


The question has come up a number of times: If these families have insurance, why do they need our help?

If you closed your eyes right now, how many items could you list right around you? Can you imagine making a list of every item in the room?  How about every book on your shelf?

This is what the insurance companies ask of people when they lose their homes.  It's called a "content list."  A list of every item in every room of the entire house.  Different companies and policies work differently, but generally the family has the option to take a percentage of their house value (often 75%) for contents, or to itemize a detailed list. For most Americans, 75% does not cover the actual value of the contents of their homes.

And for most humans, remembering everything that should go on the list is impossible.

The money these families will receive from their insurance companies will primarily go toward rebuilding, and eventually to large purchases, such as furniture and appliances.

Many families have not seen that money yet, and are currently living off credit cards and the kindness of others. Some have even had to make mortgage payments on homes that no longer exist, as they wait for paperwork to process.

Know that your generosity has a direct impact on individual families here.  Every usable donation will either end up on the shelves of one of our families, or, if no one needs it, sold, and the money given to the families.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

photo by Alan Cleaver

Friday, September 16, 2011

We Need Your Help

A road through Bastrop State Park

On Sunday September 4, some time before 3:00 pm, a spark kindled a fire that would burn over 34,000 acres east of Austin, Texas in Bastrop County.  It would also burn 1,554 houses, including the homes and possessions of 21 homeschooling families.

Imagine a fire so close and fierce that you had no time to even think of getting your shoes.  Imagine what you would grab if you had five minutes... or fifteen. What if you were away on a relaxing Labor Day Weekend vacation and didn't know anything until the fire had already consumed your home?

It has been 12 days since the fire started, and hot spots are still burning. While the Bastrop Complex Fire is no longer expanding, new small fires break out all day and night within the perimeter.  Meanwhile, thousands of people must begin to rebuild their lives.

Because of the intensity and rapid movement of the fire, few people were able to take much before they fled.  These families are starting from scratch.

While help is pouring in from many places, homeschool needs are very specific, and unique to each family.  The homeschooling community at large is poised to assist in a special way, as we understand the beneficial impact of tailoring each child's education.

Help Bastrop Homeschoolers Affected By Wildfire is coordinated by three homeschooling mothers who live and homeschool in the Bastrop area.  Two of us, with our families, were evacuated during the fire, while the third provided shelter for multiple families.

While our homes were not burned by this capricious fire, our hearts have been forever impacted. Our love for our community is great, and we deeply desire to help our friends and fellow homeschoolers regain a sense of normalcy as soon as possible.

Would you help us help our friends rebuild their homeschooling libraries?  We are grateful for your support.